Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Kerri!

Just about a month ago, you guys read my post wishing a certain little cutie Camden a very Happy Birthday. Gage and Camden have been Internet friends since before they knew it;)  Anyway, if you recall their birthdays are only a week apart.  Well, today Camden's Mommy Kerri is celebrating her birthday and we would like to wish her a very Happy day as well.  Kerri's and my birthday, like our son's, are only a few days apart as well (what a coincidence) and I believe that we're even the same age.  Not sure if Kerri's sensitive about that subject, or I wont' reveal...

In any case, hope you have a great day, Kerri.  Happy Birthday!

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Kerri said...

HAHA! I am not sensitive at all about being 30, so share away. :) Thanks for this sweet post. I'm telling you- with all we have in common (and all that our boys have in common), we are destined to meet one day!

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