Thursday, August 16, 2012

Flipper (Product Review)

Long ago when Gage was about 18 months old, we redid 'his' bathroom to something more kid friendly.  Although I never posted pictures on my blog, Gage wanted a dinosaur bathroom.  After searching every possible place, as I like to do, we finally settled on the set we would get him.  Then, it was my job, as I do every time I buy something new like this, to find the cheapest place we could get the whole set.  I wanted it all...the curtain, the rug, the tissue box holder, the shower hooks, etc.  I, of course, also wanted a toothbrush holder, but the one that came with the set was essentially just a cup that looked like a Triceratops.  I was kinda disappointed so I decided to look elsewhere.  I eventually just ended up Googling "dinosaur toothbrush holder" because I couldn't find anything else.  That's when I came up with the Flipper.  And how cute was this??  Plus, it matched the colors in the bathroom set!

Now, if you haven't seen these before, you may be wondering how this is a toothbrush holder.  That's why you gotta go check out their website to see how it works.  Basically it suctions on to the mirror or tile in your bathroom and the egg part hinges down the middle, you pop your toothbrush in and it closes right up on it, leaving your toothbrush handle hanging down, but your bristles FULLY protected from any airborne germs in the bathroom, how genius! This also comes in handy while traveling.  You know how they used to have those little caps to put on toothbrushes while traveling??  I, personally don't like my brush touching anything and have long lost 34 of those little travel caps, so I typically just use a Ziploc baggie.....however, for Gage's toothbrush, I just pop it off the mirror and throw it in his bag, again FULLY protected.  Pretty awesome, huh?  Flipper toothbrush holders meet all ADA and CDC guidelines and there are even some helpful tips on their website to keep your toothbrush as clean as possible.  I also like that if you have multiple toothbrushes that you can have multiple Flippers and none of the bristles will accidentally bump into each other.  I can just see it now, having a little family of dinosaurs suctioned to our bathroom mirror!

Dinosaurs aren't the only design Flipper offers.  Flipper has a whole line of animals ranging from cows, to elephants to tigers and three puppy designs.  Each one retails for $6.99 and can be purchased through their website or at limited retailers across the country.  They also have an NFL line ($8.99) for the sports lover and for the more traditional decorator, they also feature a blue or white 'bean' (2 for $3.99) as they call it, that has all the great features of the Flipper, but is a little more low key design wise.

Finally, something else that I'm particularly excited about, but have yet to try is their razor holders.  I don't know about you, but I think keeping my razor clean and dry is just about as difficult for me as keeping my toothbrush germless.  I always seem to have trouble with my razor sitting in my shower and rusting or getting busted up every time it falls.  Maybe it's because I buy cheap razors....however, I'm willing to give Flipper razor holders a try to see if it makes any difference.  They are available in three colors and have one big suction cup on the back to hold it to the side of the shower.  I can't tell by looking how the razor exactly fits inside, but I'll be sure to let you know once I get my hands on one!

Since yesterday was payday, I'll be heading over to Flipper to get my hands on a razor holder and if you or your kids are always battling with keeping your toothbrushes clean, you should head over, too and check out all the different designs! 

*Although Flipper did send me a complimentary toothbrush holder for review, all thoughts and opinions in the above post are my own.*

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