Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our 5th Anniversary!

I get really annoyed when my computer freaks out and erases half a post I have already written. I can never write it the 2nd time b/c either a) it won't be the same or b) I'm just too damn annoyed. Good thing I'm not a writer or something. Anyway, I still really want to post about our 5 year anniversary but after writing half of it last night and the computer exploding, I'm kind of uninterested.

In any case I'll share with you the highlights....

Thanks to my fabulous parents we were able to spend a night out unlike you can when you have a toddler. We went to an O's baseball game, which may seem pretty lame to some, but keep in mind, I am very pregnant and we really like baseball. We haven't been to a game since before Gage was born so it was nice to get back out there. The weather was perfect and it was a good time, although they lost. They ALWAYS lose when we see them. After the game we drove to Annapolis to spend the night so we could walk around the next day down by the water and meander among the little shops. It was a good time and we had an awesome crabcake lunch. The service sucked but the food outweighed that. It got hot quickly but we did get to go in some cool shops and just spend time together sans toddler. It was our last hurrah before our lives are filled w/ diapers, spit up, and sleepless nights again and a great way to spend our 5th year anniversary. Gage had a blast playing with his Nana and Grandiddy so we all had a good weekend. What was even better???

The pair of diamond earrings that Luke bought me me to match my engagement ring! Aren't they awesome??

They were a complete surprise but are wonderful because although I have tons of jewelry I can wear them with just about everything! Here's to many more!

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Heather said...

Happy Anniversary!!! The earrings are beautiful. And good luck this week. I've been back at work since the 9th, but the kids are back for their first day tomorrow.

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