Thursday, August 2, 2012


Well time has caught up with me again and it's already Thursday.  I was supposed to blog a ton this week about our awesome weekend trip, my new blog name, begin a giveaway post and advertise for my new affiliate.  But by tomorrow night, we'll be off again, this time to the beach and I probably won't have a reliable connection to keep in touch.  I will try to furiously type and organize my ideas so you guys won't be left in the dark;)

For now, I have to get the clothes washed up again, make my packing list and start packing....AGAIN.  We usually don't go to the beach 'til the week before I go back to school, but being that that's 4 weeks before the baby is due we decided that it might be in our best interest to go now, just in case something happens.  I mean, we couldn't possibly miss the beach!  And so far, it's supposed to be mid 80's every day with 2 days of rain, so I can definitley handle that.  Ok on to those more exciting posts, while trying to do laundry and pack before Gage gets up from his nap.

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