Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Ava and Katelynn!

Although I feel like there have been too many birthdays to even count lately I haven't done a birthday post in a while.  Today I want to wish a Happy 3rd Birthday to Ava over at More than a Mommy and a Happy 5th Birthday to Katelynn at The Kubeczka Family.  I have been reading both of these blogs for at least 2 years or more and enjoy keeping up with them. 

Jennifer, who is More Than a Mommy, has just sent her oldest off to Kindergarten and welcomed a new little baby boy 2 months ago.  She has her hands full with a new baby and enjoys documenting with pictures.  Ava, her middle child, is probably lost without her big sister but is enjoying playing with her new baby brother and her increased Mommy time.  Go give her a big birthday shout out and see the pics her Mom is sure to put up to celebrate!

Katelynn is celebrating A BIG ONE today and also is about to start Kindergarten.  Her Mom, like Jennifer, also takes awesome pictures and loves to share about their daily lives.  She often has good recipes, too.  She, too, is about to expand her family so head on over to wish Katelynn a Happy Birthday and you'll be sure to stick around to hear news about the new little one!

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Our Family of Four said...

Thank You Amy!! That was very sweet of you!

Jennifer said...

Ava says thanks! And after reading this I made sure to post about her birthday today and put lots of pics. Thanks again!

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