Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby's, beach trip, shots and bedtime

On Friday, an old friend Bunny took GAge's pictures for the 1st time. She took some of us as well, to have our 1st family portraits. Unfortunately we did that 1st and Gage became cranky by the end and therefore we didn't get all we wanted of him. There were some good shots though and we can't wait for the 8x10 of our little cutie! I was going to get pictures taken at 3 mos. as well, but might wait until Easter instead.

This weekend we also took Gage to the beach house for the 1st time. Thankfully the weather was so nice that we actually got to take him on the beach 2 days in a row! He loved it! Of course. Every night Gage falls asleep to the sound of the ocean from a stuffed bear his Grandma Sandi gave him, so this time it was the real thing and he was thrilled! So thrilled he immediately fell asleep both times! Hope that doesn't happen this summer, when he's supposed to play in the sand! And judging from his bath time, he is going to love the water also. (I will post picuters later, somehow Luke has lost the camera cord). While we were at the beach, Grandma took some very cute shots of Gage having tummy time. And as you can see, we taught him to swim while he was at it!

On Tuesday, when we returned from our long weekend, GAge had to get his 2 month check up and shots. He was a whopping 12lbs, 13oz., which we actually thought was way more. This is in the 75 %ile. He was 90%ile for height measuring 2 ft. and his head is of course teeny tiny as I had predicted coming in at the 25%ile. Gage had to get 3 different shots that immunizes him against 100 different things...overkill if you ask me. Anyway, he screamed of course b/c they hurt but he was easily consolable. Afterwards there was no fever and he was only cranky for a few minutes. Overall, not a bad appointment.

Finally, the latest news is Luke and I putting GAge down before we go to bed and actually implementing a 'bedtime'. The dr. suggests we unswaddle in the process so we are beginning that tonight. Last night the bedtime went pretty well and he was asleep by 9pm. However, he also didn't sleep at all yesterday so we shall see how it goes. Wish us luck! Ah....parenthood. Only 2 more days at home w/ my baby:(

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