Friday, January 8, 2010

Nothing to write home about...

People are asking about new pictures and I guess we are bad parents, b/c I think it's been over a week since we've taken any. I have tried to take video of him in the bath b/c he loves it and smiles constantly, EXCEPT for when I try to take video. I have tried to take his picture any other time he has been smiling at me or his imaginary friends, but again, I can't seem to catch him. I'm sure the smiles will become more plentiful and I can eventually capture one.

Gage has been feeling a little under the weather this week and has seemed to have a bellyache nearly every day. He has slept most of his week away and we had few hours of play time. We did go visit work again, went to play with Jake and yesterday had lunch with his new babysitter. Thankfully he doesn't have to go there until March. I'm not quite ready for that yet.

This weekend we are taking down his favorite accessory, the Christmas tree. He is having a play date with Jake tomorrow night (I'll post pictures from that) and next week should bring more excitement. Mommy gets a massage on Wednesday! Yay! Evie comes to play on Tuesday and we are getting his 1st professional pictures on Friday. Then it's Gage's 1st trip to the beach and to see Grandma and Granddiddy....hopefully more pictures...

Oh and we got our new mattress today! Couch comes Tuesday!

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