Sunday, January 24, 2010

So this is it.....

Today was my last day home with Gage before Mommy has to return to work tomorrow. I have my pump and digital picture album by the door all ready to go! Kelly came to visit today and it was nice just to hang out and enjoy my baby. He is in good hands though, which makes returning to work so much easier. GAge is so lucky to be home with his Daddy for 4 weeks and then his Grandma Penny for another week before he has to start day care in March.
Now I just have to get back in the swing of things at school tomorrow and remember to pump in between. The hardest part for me will be remembering to take my pump and then remembering to bring home the milk for baby. I have heard it's not an easy task so wish me luck! At least this week will be an easy is midterms week and there are 2 full days and then 3 half days and I can go in late on Monday. It should be interesting tomorrow having GAge hang out w/ Daddy all day. Any bets on how many times he will call or email me? Maybe I should let him take over the blog to share Gage's adventures w/ Daddy!

HEre are the pictures i promised from the beach, courtesy of Grandma!

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