Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A day in the life of a 7 week old- babies have bad days, too

After the couch purchase on Saturday, we thought that wasn't enough and needed also to drop another grand on Sunday on a new mattress. Oh well, hopefully the little sleep we are getting will now be in more comfort and buying new furniture is always fun. However, mattresses are probably the last thing on the list of fun new furniture.

Anyway, I am counting down the days until I have to go back to work and trying to cherish every one of them. Gage is beginning to smile and interact much more and I will be so sad to leave him. I am jealous that Luke will get to stay home with for another 4 weeks! Our little boy has still decided that he will not sleep before 1am, however, we can't complain about his night feedings. He eats at 11pm and then at 5am, which if he keeps it up will fit perfectly into our schedules when we go back to work. It could be much worse.
However, yesterday, he slept ALL day long, I think he was up for only a few short hours and we were worried he might be sick. He is his most alert at night and wants to play. It's a shame...he is so cute at night but we don't want to play with him too much since we need to wind him down for the evening. He did put himself to sleep last night though. After hours of trying, I gave up and put him down when he was just a little drowsy and after 10 minutes of talking to himself he went right to sleep.

Today was a different story......today we started the morning with eating and his favorite activity-- the bath. He smiled and cooed and all was well. We went to his room to go through all of his clothes and pack away the ones that don't fit him anymore, etc. He was laying on the floor flat on his back and had been for about an hour when he projectile vomited EVERYWHERE. So...we took another sponge bath and ate again. All was well for another hour. Gage took a 20 minute cat nap and woke up with another belly ache. The vomit continued....We ate again and the cycle continued. The amount of vomit got smaller each time since he didn't have a full belly, but none the less, it continued.

Being a 1st time mom and the fact that it had happened 3 times in a row, I called the doctor to ask if I should be concerned and they told me to bring him in. What?!? We have been to the dr. every 2 weeks for his whole life! Anyway, they 'examined' him and said everything looked good and that it was only one day. Thanks....you could've told me that on the phone and saved me $20. They said only be concerned if it continues and try smaller portions more frequently. Again, they could've told me that on the phone. I was told to call back if it continues through the night and they will do an ultrasound tomorrow. I'm hoping it was just a bad day...

I was supposed to get my nails done tomorrow while Gage plays with Jacob.....ah, babies.

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