Sunday, January 31, 2010


So I was reading last night about the milestones your baby is supposed to reach by 3 months. I suppose I was doing this to drive myself crazy since every baby is different and my baby is only 2.5 months old. Anyway, everything I was reading Gage is doing except they said that your baby will start to grab for things or swat at them like when on an activity mat, etc. I said oh, well that's the one thing he can't do and he has 2 weeks, AND babies grow SO fast and learn new tricks every day. So anyway, of course, I say that and lo and behold, today Gage is reaching for things, not quite swatting, but conciously putting his hands on different things. HEre is a picture of him sleeping but making sure his friends are not leaving his side. For weeks we have talked to Gage about Zippy (the zebra) and Geoffrey (the giraffe) he knows they exist!

Also, Gage is getting dissatisfied with just hanging out. HE always wants to play and be engaged. I used to be able to hold him facing outwards in sort of a standing position. This no longer works for him because, along with his hands and plastic friends, Gage has also discovered his ab muscles and wants to sit up ALL the time. No more standing, he just wants to sit....w/help of course. Bumbo, here we come!

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