Sunday, March 14, 2010

4 months already?!?!...

Today our little guy is 4 months old. It sure has been a whirlwind but one that has been worth every moment. Let's see, what's new?

This week bought awesome weather and a chance for a few more long walks. Auntie Ann left on Monday and Gage was a little better for her on Sunday.

On Friday, we stayed home from work with yellow/green snot running out of our nose. The dr. of course just said it was a cold and may take days to pass but that he was fine. It put Mommy out a little bit at work but I guess now that I have a little one, all bets are off.

We are also currently in the refusing to nap stage...the babysitter says he naps but weekends make me skeptical of that. In any case, some people empathize, say it's just a stage and that he wants to look around and discover his world instead of sleep while others say, just put him down at the same time every day and he'll nap. I disagree w/ both of these kind of this point there's got to be something to do, we have been attempting a schedule for 2 months now. The dr. said we might not achieve it until about now so we'll talk Friday at his 4 month appt. A new book I got says that nighttime sleep must be well established before naps can be. Thank God he doesn't have trouble sleeping at night, we can consider ourselves lucky in that regard. However, he still doesn't like to go to sleep and some nights it takes almost 2 hours to get him settled. However, there are also those nights that I'll read to him, rock and sing to him, put him down awake and walk away and he goes right to sleep. There still is NO consistency.

As most of you know as well, Gage insists on sleeping on his belly and nothing we can do will change that. He can now roll over both ways, just only in one direction so unfortunately his crib is not wide enough to accommodate more than 2 rolls. Oh well, he'll have to deal with it! Gage also learned a new trick as of this week. He can now sit up on his own.....of course, not always w/o falling but he's learning quick and strengthening his ab muscles in the process.

Gage is very excited about his 4 day week at day care and his chance to hang out w/Daddy on Friday. He is also excited about St. Patty's Day, his 2 new outfits to wear and his new bib! Mommy also bought him a Baby's 1st Easter bib on Friday! Gage also wants to congratulate Auntie Ann and future Uncle Mark on being engaged!

There is always so much I want to write but forget during the week. And these posts are SO long since I only write once a week. I thought I was mostly writing to myself anyway, but then a few friends say they've been checking it out so that makes me a little excited. Ah yes, the rolling video...I tried to cut it using Movie Maker but then couldn't get it downloaded after that, so I'm going to work on that, or if you know how to do it, send me a message!

Here are the latest of our favorite pictures of our 4 month old! Oh, also, Gage played in his Exersaucer for the 1st time today!

I can't quite figure out captions either, so here is a funny picture showing how much Gage drools!

Here is Gage and his favorite friend, Flo.

Here is Gage sitting up all on his own!

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