Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break!

Wahoo! It is here! This has been the longest week of my life and it is FINALLY over and I get to spend the next 10 days with my favorite person ever! I can't even recall anything special to note this week. We are FINALLY getting GAge on an eating schedule, the beginning of the week went well but towards the end we got a bit off. He has been sleeping a lot the last few days, maybe has a touch of a bug. However, our spring break is already filling up w/ things to do! Tomorrow Mommy will have a little time to herself, I'm going to the spa w/ a friend for a lavender pedicure! Sunday morning we'll have breakfast with Heather and she'll finally get to meet Gage, we have been trying to get together FOREVER!

Monday, Gage and I are going to visit the Easter Bunny and if Daddy can get off work he'll join too. Wednesday we're headed to the beach to see Grandma and Grandiddy and meet Summer--should be a good time relaxing and spending time together. The weather's supposed to be really nice as well. Saturday evening we'll head back here for Easter. We'll attempt church since Gage has a spiffy Easter outfit. Then this is the 1st time ever that we don't have school on Easter Monday so we'll have one more day together before Mommy has to head back. Countin' down the days....'til June. I am so lucky to be a teacher!

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