Saturday, March 6, 2010

Only 16 more weeks of daycare!

ha...this will now become the countdown for how many more weeks I don't get to spend w/ my baby while he is in daycare....grrr..

It has been a week since I have posted and that seems about average. There doesn't seem like enough hours in my week to post any entries during the week. AFter picking Gage up from daycare, we want to play for a few hours before bed. Then once he's in bed, I inevitably have grad school work to do or bottles and pumps to wash and bottles to prepare for the next day, etc. AND I was planning on going back to the gym soon....I don't see that happening. Anyway, daycare really is quite depressing and I wish I didn't have to take him, but again, I am fortunate to be able to spend the whole summer at home with him. This is a breakdown of our week..

Monday-dropped Gage off at daycare, worried about him some....picked Gage up from day care, didn't like daycare, had a rough night....

However, I must say he looked pretty cute in his 1st day of school overalls!

Tuesday-dropped Gage off at daycare, was sad he wasn't home w/ Daddy or Grandma and Granddiddy, hated daycare

Wednesday- dropped Gage off at daycare, liked it a little better, had a play date with Jamie and Jacob, Gage slept through the night! sleep in a while

Thursday- dropped Gage off at daycare, liked it so so, went to look at a daycare center close to school, liked daycare even less, realized daycare is too expensive, went to an open mic and ate amazing organic pizza

Friday- Thank God! No daycare, home w/ Daddy! Gage can now roll from front to back! Came home from work at 10am and puked my guts out! Sweet....Auntie Ann came in tonight and I was so so sick, luckily 24 hours later I was better and am feeling fine still.

Gage slept horribly last night and was up at least every hour. Luke and I were both sick so it was quite the night. However, good news was that today it was over 50 and we got to go for a nice long walk. Bad news, Gage has never been so terrible as he was today for Auntie Ann. Now she thinks we're lying when we said we had the best baby ever. Must post new pictures soon and the rolling video.

Another nice day tomorrow and supposed to be several this week. Hopefully Gage will get to see the outside. Until next week....Gage will be 4 months old!

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