Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rice Cereal!

So last night we took our 1st attempt at eating 'solid food'. Why it's called solid food, I'm not quite sure being that it's almost as liquidy as milk itself. We followed the directions and added one tbsp. of cereal and 5 tbsps. of milk. It was so liquidy we could hardly keep it in a spoon. We thickened it up a bit by adding more cereal, so tonight I think we'll try just 4 tbsp. Gage wasn't buying into at first but then he slowly started to understand what he was supposed to do. By that time and a few bites later he was done. Not bad for his 1st time. We didn't think he even ate enough for it to matter, but he didn't nurse that long afterwards. He also slept for an entire 9 hours too, so maybe he got more than we thought! Or that extra cereal we added to thicken it up may have done the trick...hope he didn't get too much! He doesn't love his high chair too much, that's for sure and we bought him a high chair toy so that he could amuse himself while we ate and I think he may be scared of it. I have a few pictures to post, we also took a video, but since I can't seem to get video to post correctly, not sure I'll get it up. As you can see, it was ok at 1st, but the last face says it all. Do I have to?

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