Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Bunny and visit to Chesapeake

Yesterday Gage and I went to see the Easter Bunny. Daddy had to work so we trekked to Dulles Town Center so he could meet us there. On a Tuesday afternoon noone was in line so we got to see him quickly. I was a little disappointed being that the Easter Bunny was brown, who's ever heard of a brown Easter Bunny...everyone knows the Easter Bunny's supposed to be white! Anyway much like Xmas, the Bunny was giant and looked like he wanted to eat my kid. I'll try and post a picture when I have access to a scanner again...I'll try and make Luke do it at home. The Bunny trip was pretty uneventful aside from Gage crapping on himself RIGHT as we were walking out the door...he then proceeded to do it again once we got home.
This am we packed up and headed to see Grandma and Grandiddy. Gage got a nice long nap on the way and might have made it all the way home but Mommy had to stop and pee. Of course once here he didn't want to nap and everything was so new that he worse himself out. NEedless to say, he had a complete meltdown at dinner and wouldn't eat any cereal. Hopefully tonight he will get some sleep and be well rested for tom. We're going to see Auntie for her bday and maybe vist w/ Paul or Bonnie.....until tomorrow and more adventures in Chesapeake. We miss you Daddy!

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