Thursday, April 1, 2010

More adventures in Chesapeake....

After a long day yesterday and having trouble falling asleep, once he did, Gage slept fairly well for being in a new place/room. This am he only napped for an hour while I ran out to Target to get his Easter gift. Then we went to visit his Auntie and of course I didn't put his "My Auntie is the Best" shirt on him this am for fear he might poop on it. So sure enough, as soon as we got dressed to go to Auntie's he puked all over it. Oh well....she loved it and she loved him and it was nice he got to visit w/ her. I think she loved to hold him, kiss him and rock him to sleep.(A sleep I add that only lasted a short half hour). We then went for a walk and had dinner w/ Paul. Gage did a little better w/ his cereal tonight but was still almost too tired to eat. He cried between bites because he was so hungry but still wanted to eat it all the same. He almost finished a whole Tbsp. and I think by week's end he might. Then we will move on to the good stuff---veggies!

Hopefully tomorrow we will meet Bonnie and Summer and maybe Grandma's coworkers. Whew...traveling is exhausting!

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