Sunday, April 25, 2010

Austin safe and sound....

So yesterday was an all day travel event....some things I learned along the way...
1). Although Southwest is nice to fly w/ for a variety of reasons they don't communicate well with each other resulting in my kid having a spot on the plane but without me so I had to go all the way back to check-in to be allowed on the plane
2). Southwest is really cool when u have a baby and gave us a row to ourselves on both planes
3). Gage is the best baby in the world and SO laid back....never fussed once on the plane although he had tons of little baby friends that weren't so cordial
4). A complete blowout sucks when traveling but would suck worse on the plane than in the airport
5). Glad there are still nice people in the world who offer to help when ur kid has pooped everywhere and is getting a sponge bath in the Tampa airport or when the Austin airport doesn't have adequate changing areas and your kids feet are in the sink
6). The Austin airport is awesome when traveling w/ a kid....our bags beat us to the claim
7). Gage is the best baby in the world and was great traveling; although a midnight meltdoWn was planned.
Because he only got 8 hours of sleep last night, Gage needs some sleep, more to come on spending time w/ the family.
Thanks for being perfect, little guy!

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