Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5 months old!

Five months old is pretty close to 6 months old, which is a whole half a year! OMG! I cannot believe my little guy is growing up! Meanwhile, work is crazy and I have no time to breathe. It's really been hard for me to get to work later since I have to drop Gage off at daycare and leave earlier (b/c I don't want to leave him there) AND get everything I need to done. Hopefully, as all things do, this too will pass, but right now, it's nuts!

This weekend, unfortunately, I have grad school too (only 6 more classes total) so I won't get to spend my Sat. w/ him. Luckily he will have Daddy time and I think it's supposed to be pretty nice outside so hopefully they can get outside. We have had zero time for walks this week b/c I've gotten home so late. This week has been busy busy, but not much to comment on. Gage likes carrots better than green beans and has eaten alright at night. He is now taking one 6oz. bottle a day b/c he is a little piggy! Grandma Penny sent him some new clothes today for his trip to TX! Thanks Grandma!
Gage has started waking up again some during the night and can't keep his hands out of his mouth, even while eating! Is he teething?? And I read he could do this for months before we see any?? So how do we know?? Is 'chewing cud' a sign of teething, b/c we know for sure he is if that's the case.....I gotta get it on video, it's hysterical!

Here are a few of our recent pics.

PS. Look how much hair he's growing?!?!

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