Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Home at Last....and maybe w/ Strep!

Austin was a good time with lots of family that we haven't/won't see in quite a while. Although it was a little hectic traveling 2 full days and only being there 2 days, Gage enjoyed meeting his cousins, aunts, uncles and great grandma. It was definitely a trip that should've been taken.
We cooked out at Grandma and Grandpa's Sunday and went for a walk and to a old historical TX town for dinner on Monday. We took lots of pictures with everyone and wish we could've stayed longer.

We stayed with Luke's brother b/c Great Grandma Lenz and Aunt Shirley and Uncle Mike were in town staying with Luke's parents. We didn't want to get a hotel since it seemed we were already paying quite a bit to go visit for such a short amount of time. Uncle Mark's was our alternative and the family was quite helpful, all pitching in to make sure we and Gage had somewhere to sleep. Gage only got 1 night of good sleep while there AND to make things worse Madison and Mark were both diagnosed with strep while we were there! Attempting to be proactive and still wanting to enjoy a nice weekend at the beach, I already called the pediatrician to see what signs we could look for in a little guy for strep. She said it was highly unlikely that he would get it and that we were at greater risk....good for Gage, bad for Mommy and Daddy. Pictures will be downloaded and posted tomorrow. Time for bed....5am will come early and Gage has only slept an hour tonight since he's still thrown off from traveling. Again, a meltdown here is far better than one on the plane.

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