Friday, April 9, 2010

Things are about to get crazy....

After having a wonderful Easter weekend, we had a pretty quick work week. I had off on Monday and Luke, today, so Gage only had to go to daycare 3 days this week (gotta love that!). It would probably be more beneficial to him to be able to have the same schedule every day, but I admit, I am stingy and would rather he be home w/ us. Anyway, my day off w/ Gage consisted of not much more than a trip to Target. Gage was extra cranky this week due to having to be drug out of bed before 6am every am and barely would eat dinner every night b/c of it but by the end of the week we had adjusted. It was a HOT week, breaking records of over 90 degrees so we didn't get to get outside unfortunately!
Gage took his 1st bath in his big boy inflatable ducky bathtub. He was getting too long for his infant tub but wasn't quite ready for the big tub so we had to compromise. I figured he is still learning to sit up so we could practice in this and if he slipped, he would bump his head on a raft and just bounce off. We sat him in the duck before the bath and he seemed to think it was pretty cool, yet once in the water, he wasn't so sure anymore....anyway, he got clean and that was what mattered most.
Gage did have another 1st this week...he ate green beans AND HATED every min. of it. The look on his face last night when he tasted them for the 1st time was quite amusing. We only gave him a taste last night so we tried to get him to finish the rest of the container tonight. Luke managed to sneak it in after succcessful bites of cereal. Each time, though, Gage wasn't fooled and made the same disgusted face...he spit them out once or twice and even gagged....I think he eventually got down 1-2 spoonfuls. Oh was a good 1st effort and he has to endure them yet another night tomorrow. He is becoming quite the good eater though and I'm sure will find a veggie he prefers. NOt sure if these pictures capture the faces, but you can see he's not happy.

Notice how much hair he grew over the last week!

Bedtime is getting better and 2 nights this week he didn't even cry when we put him down he was so exhausted (althought tonight was not one of those nights!)

Things are about to get out of control. Gage will be just 5 months next week and we have always known him to be such a good sport and well behaved about everything, so we are quickly about to find out how adaptable he really is. After I have grad school next weekend, we have 2 trips planned for the next 2 weekends, then Mother's Day and graduation and we are at the middle of May. Gage will be taking his 1st plane trip in 2 weeks...and then 3 days later we go for another trip...oh my, wish us luck.
Finally, we cherish every moment we have w/ him and I am sad when I don't get home early and can only spend 3 hours w/ him at night. We are so blessed to have him and are thankful in every moment. They say kids change your life forever, but until you have one, you have no idea.

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