Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Well the adventures in Chesapeake ended w/ breakfast at Summer's house and a nap in Grandma's arms. Then we had a LONG ride home w/ lots of traffic on 95. We made it though and Daddy was sooo happy to see us. We were excited to show him how much hair Gage had grown in only 4 days and what a good eater he had become! Daddy rushed out to buy us real veggies to try this week. We'll keep you posted on that situation!

Gage looked very handsome in his Easter outfit and we got tons of sweet pictures from today. We didn't do much other than go to church (where Gage was of course the best baby ever) but it was nice to spend some family time together. We did take a walk while Daddy mowed the lawn but it was pretty hot so we didn't go too far. Both Grandma Sandy and Grandma Penny made Gage Easter baskets (see pictures) and the Easter Bunny left Gage the froggy basket and the bopping penguin.

This is Gage with a bunny Grandma Penny bought him and a chick Grandma Sandy sent him. As you can see, he is fond of both.

This is the basket and penguin mentioned above.

Here is the sweetest picture that I snagged today of Gage and his Daddy hanging out. Gage thinks he is the greatest!

Finally, all the Easter fun wore Gage out- this was him at the end of the day still trying to play but barely hanging on.

Here's a picture I took w/ my phone while on our walk, so it's probably pretty blurry...but still cute.

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