Sunday, March 21, 2010

A beautful weekend!

This weekend brought beautiful weather and it makes me long for the summer even more. At least I only have 5 days until Spring Break. Friday, Luke had off w/ Gage, so he got to have plenty of Daddy time. He took him for 2 walks and fed him outside. Yesterday, unfortunately I had grad school ALL day long so Gage got more Daddy time. Again, they went for a walk and hung out outside. Finally, today I had off w/ so we got to spend some family time. Brett and Meg came over to visit and then we went to buy Gage a HIGH CHAIR! It is so exciting that he is about to eat solid food. I don't particularly like the color high chair that we got, but if you know anything about Graco, you know all of the color schemes are different prices and if you know anything about us, you know we'll buy the cheapest one that is not pink. That is why our stroller, pack n' play, swing and high chair do not match. oh I got a color I don't like but it was $20 cheaper than the rest, so I'll get over it. It's very boyish (everything we bought we tried to make gender neutral in case we have a little girl in the future). In any case, I guess one day this week or the weekend I'll go out and start purchasing baby food!

Gage was in such a wonderful mood today and everything is so amazing to him. It was the most precious thing ever today when he stared into my face and touched my nose, and mouth and eyes as if he was seeing me for the 1st time. He then turned and did the same thing to Luke, smiling all the while. He had finally found his Mommy and Daddy and we're the coolest people around! Only 5 more days before I get to spend 10 days w/ my baby!

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