Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yesterday's picture....

I have been at the school I work at now (my only school) for 8 years now.  I really love working there and have made some really good friends in the process.  These 2 ladies that are in the picture with me are 2 of my very best friends that I work with.  I met them both the in the 1st 2 weeks- 8 years ago in August and we have been friends ever since.  Malisa, to my right, was the matron of honor in my wedding, and Jamie's family and mine hang out all the time (we have our 4th of July tradition, as well).  They are great friends and great girls and we all had babies around the same time 2 years ago.  Jake came 1st on August 1st, Theo was a little over 2 weeks later in late August and as you know, Gage was 3 months later in November.  Jake and Gage play together more often (he's been featured a few times) but Theo and Gage have only met once being that they live about an hour away.  This is the 1st time all 3 boys have been together and sadly, probably one of the last for a while.  I wanted to capture this picture, just in case.

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