Friday, October 29, 2010

Growing like a weed....

Well, not exactly....I just couldn't think of a better title, but Gage is not actually 'physically' growing (still under 20lbs), but his skills sure are growing.  It's crazy the new things that he learns every day.

Just 2 weeks before his 1st birthday, Gage has learned to clap and whenever someone says 'Yay!' he claps.  For some reason, he claps after every feeding, which is pretty funny.  Maybe he's giving me props for still nursing, who knows? 

Gage now officially has 3 words.  Some of you my be doubtful, but I consider them words if they are spontaneous and aren't prompted.  We have been saying 'kitty' his whole life and someone said to me the other day that there was no way he'd learn a 2 syllable word and I should stick with 'cat'.  For the last few months, whenever we say kitty he looks for them, so we knew he understood.  However, after months and months, our little guy points to the cat and says 'ki-tee'.all. the. time. Of course he says Da-da too, but he's been saying that for months w/o really knowing what he was saying.  But now he  points to him and says Da-da, so I'll count that one too.  Finally, his newest word is 'bah-bah', for bubble.  He points when he says it right where we keep the bubbles.  No ma-ma yet, but I'm satisfied w/ what we have.  I can't wait to hear what he learns next.

Gage also is beginning to let go of the table, high chair, stairs or whatever he is standing next to.  This hasn't ended up too well for him yet. He fell and hit his head the other day, but luckily it hasn't deterred him and I think before his birthday he'll be letting go and at least standing for a few seconds.  AND he is walking behind his walker now and thinks he's pretty cool when he does so....I'm sure there will be much  more learning every day and his one year bday post will be unprecented in its length, but for now, I'll be done. 

Planning on taking Gage to the Halloween Hoopla at the shopping center up the street tomorrow to show off his digs.  Pictures to come.  Happy Halloween!

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