Saturday, October 9, 2010


I'm baaaack....Wow!  After taking a month's hiatus from posting, it's been very intimidating coming back.  I lost 2 followers...I knew it would happen, but oh well.  Plus I'm just not used to etching out time in my day anymore to write.  Part of me enjoys reading other blogs, but could careless about mine anymore.  It's funny b/c at the end of the summer I was very gung ho and really wanted to improve on my blog and perhaps start advertisting etc.  Then reality hit again and the last month at work has been a whirlwind.  I do want to make sure I still update once a week though so that I will have something to look back on, it's crazy to think I've already forgotten most of what has happened in the last year. 

So much has gone on in the last month at work, home, w/ Gage, etc. that I can't possibly write about everything and therefore, I will be disappointed b/c I know I will leave out some important points.  Let me see if I can sum up September w/o being too boring and lenghty but highlighting the main points.   September started with taking Gage to a new day care.  I'm not even sure I mentioned the one we chose before I stopped posting.  If you know me, you know I hate all daycares and this one isn't much different.  Gage hasn't made it one full week of daycare yet, since he's been sick since September 11.  This is because there are people who have decided that sending their kid to daycare sick is better than missing a day of work.  Let me tell you how much I am unhappy with those parents.  I get it, though.  Trust me,  I have thought to myself more than a dozen times since school started that I was going to lose my job since I was missing so much.  I love my job and a day off with a sick kid isn't my type of holiday.  Regardless of this, out of respect for every one else you CANNOT send your sick kid to daycare.  I'm not talking snotty nose sick, I'm talking fever and stomach flu sick.  It's just not worth it.  I'm sure people think their jobs are far more important and they are annoyed when their kids get sick; however, it's b/c someone did EXACTLY what you are doing that your kid ended up that way anyway!  So here we are, 2 ear infections and antibiotics later and a case of thrush.  Ok, done w/ the rant.  Sorry, didn't intend for that to happen.  I suppose I should've written an entire post entitled 'I hate daycare'.  On a happier note, I do think Gage enjoys going and being w/ the other kids and b/c most are older than him, he is learning new things and hitting his milestones quicker.

Milestones...the fun part of this post!  Since I wrote his 10 month letter, almost a month ago now...Gage has started crawling on his hands and knees, pulled up to his feet, learned how to get down, cruised a teeny tiny bit down the side of the coffee table AND gotten his 1st tooth!  Holy smokes, I thought it would never come!  But poor thing, he was NOT happy.  We know when something is going on w/ our child b/c he's never NOT happy, so we had a feeling it was really teeth this time.  So the tooth has broken through the skin, but hasn't really grown enough to even see it.  I'll post pictures when it does.  Now, we think we might be on the 2nd tooth- or maybe another ear infection:(.

In other news, Gage will be a year old 5 weeks from tomorrow.  I am still breastfeeding, yay for me!  My goal is in sight and I'm pretty sure we can make it all the way to a year!  Gage will be having a dinosaur birthday party, I need to get on ordering the invitations.  I also will post where I'm getting these invitations in another post, b/c I think they are pretty awesome for the price.  I am currently taking a Wilton Cake Decorating class at Michael's to learn to make better cakes and Gage will be having a dinosaur cake as well.  Hopefully, it will look something like this when it's all done.

I have to say I'm pretty intimidated though.  I have been to 2 classes, the 1st one we just decorated cookies, but today we were supposed to bring a cake to decorate and mine did not turn out very good.  I made the icing too thin and therefore it all went downhill from there.  I have a feeling I'm in over my head and that I'll have to make 94 dino cakes in the next 5 weeks to practice.  I guess we will see.  I know there is so much I have left off, but so it goes.  A picture post to come.

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Brittany said...

Welcome back! Man, that's frustrating about the daycare/sick kids situation. I start back to work in a week (sadface) and I'm so nervous about leaving my little guy with anyone.
Congrats on the almost-one-year mark with breastfeeding! What an accomplishment.
The cake is adorable :)
Also - you are TINY! What are you doing? Please tell me I'll be back down to my normal size when Henry's a year! He's 2almost 3 months now and I'm so frustrated that I still have weight to lose.

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