Thursday, October 14, 2010

One more month....

....til the man of my life turns a year old!  Unbelievable!

Dear Gage,

When I sat down to write this letter I feel like I had just written your 10 month one.  However, after reading it, I realize SO much has truly happened in the last month.  Where to begin? 

The 2 biggest things I can think of are that you are an expert pulling up to your feet on anything you can get your hands on.  You can cruise alongside the coffee table although you haven't gotten brave enough to really
walk behind your walker or move from one piece of furniture to another.  You do hold on w/ just one hand now, though.  Number 2, you have a tooth!  Alas, it is finally here and you have NOT been happy.  A second one is coming and probably will break the skin tomorrow, who knows how many will pop up in the next 4 weeks! 

You are still teeny tiny and although you weighed 19lbs 4oz at a dr's appt 2 weeks ago, I think you are closer to 20lbs now.  You can still wear your 9 month clothes and all the 12 month clothes that Daddy and I bought you, haven't even been washed yet:(  But you sure will be a cutey pie when you get to sport all your new threads!  You are disliking diaper changes again lately and you've been crankier than usual (but we're thinking that's from your teeth).   You're on schedule now and know that you get up before 6am every day to eat.  This am you were up at 445am....grrrr!  You still don't like to nap at daycare and speaking of daycare, not sure you've made it there a full week in the last month.  You have been SO sick.  Since your ear infection at 10 months, you have had a double one and thrush, a disgusting stomach virus that got us all sick...then teeth..

Grandma and Grandiddy came a few weeks back and we took you to your 1st Pumpkin Patch.  You got to ride your 1st train and pick out your 1st pumpkin!  You have recently started using the sign 'more', although you use it more for eat, then to signify more.  BUT you know what it means which is pretty cool.  You are starting to point, but waving bye bye and getting more words are still in your future. Speaking of the future, we've gotta get you a pair of shoes of some sort.  Currently, your feet are too fat to fit into any we have found and you'll be walking soon AND it will be winter, so you'll need something on your feet.

I can't believe that in one month I'll start to wean you from breastfeeding (and your Nuk).  I sure hope you like whole milk!  You LOVE your morning and nighttime feeding still but I think could easily lose your 2 daytime feedings.  I wish you'd learn to use your sippy cup soon, I'm thinking we're going to have to buy a few more 'til you find one you like and one that won't leak milk all over the place.  I'm slightly worried about your Nuk just for daycare purposes.  My plan was to get rid of it by Xmas, you hardly ever use it at home now, but I think you need it at daycare to soothe yourself since so much else is going on.

You've been a little pickier about what you eat lately and we haven't had much progress on getitng you to eat more 'adult foods' yet.  You don't like your graham cookies as much as you used to but still love cheese.  You are getting in the habit of swatting or throwing your food on the floor though if you don't want it.

You are FINALLY crawling on your hands and knees but mostly only to get to something to pull up on.  If you have a long distance to go, you still prefer your belly/army crawl.  You still love your books (I hope that doesn't change) and your favorite toys are your tunnel (still), your piano (still), and your top and phone that Auntie bought you.

The more interactive you get, the more I amazed every day.  You are growing into a being who is starting to explore and understand more and more every day.  It's so awesome to watch!  I am just overwhelmed when I think about all we've been through and how much more there is to come.  We have planned you a dinosaur birthday party and I hope your cake turns out perfectly!  I'm sure you won't care if it doesn't!  We love you soo much Gage Paxton, more than you'll ever know.  Happy 11 months!  Holy crap! What can I possibly write that will be good enough next month??

Love, Momma


Casey Jensen said...

He is so adorable! It sounds like he and Finn are doing a lot of the same things. I am sure they would be good friends. : )

Brittany said...

So sweet! poor thing! 2 ear infections, thrush, and teething!? This must have been some crazy month for your family. I hope it's on the upswing!
Thanks so much for stopping by with the toy piano recommendation! It's super cute, and I'm keeping it in mind for the next time I get a toy r' us coupon and will be on the lookout! Based on the reviews, seems like lots of people really like it.

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