Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Weight Check

Ezra came home from the hospital with a little jaundice. The doctors didn't seem overly concerned but sent us in to see the pediatrician on Saturday anyway, just to make sure no further testing needed to be done.  When we left the hospital, he seemed to be a little behind on the elimination front.  I fed him constantly, but maybe because my  milk wasn't fully in, he wasn't peeing as much as he should've been.  Regardless, things have changed quite a bit since we've been home and he's now peeing/pooping like a breastfed champ.  Also peeing on himself, but that's another whole issue.

In any case, Saturday, they determined there was no additional testing needed, but to bring him back this week for a weight check just to be sure he was getting the nutrition that he needed.  Since Saturday it has been obvious that my milk has come in and that he is getting lots of it.  As much as he wants to be fed, if he wasn't gaining weight, something was seriously wrong.  Today at his weigh in, I was hoping for him to be back to his birth weight, although they give breastfed babies up to 2 weeks.  (Gage was back at his birth weight at his 4 day checkup, so we were hoping for the same success with Ezra.)  We were so proud that Ezra weighed in today 14 ounces! more than Sat.  He has gained almost a pound in 5 days.  He is now 7lbs. 12 oz. and as healthy as can be.  Wonder if he'll be an 8lb baby by his 2 week check up!  Gage was 9lbs. at a little over 2 weeks....crazy he's such a peanut now!

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