Sunday, September 30, 2012

What They Don't Tell You (Round 2) or Things you Forget

I remember when I had Gage that there were always those 'things' that people didn't tell you when you were expecting.  Like about the aftermath, specifically.  I remember friends, after having Gage would ask me, what are those things people never talk about that I need to know.  So I was honest, always, and brutally sometimes. 

Likewise, a few months after labor you have forgotten about all those things, the delivery, the pain, the lack of humility, etc. and you hear people always say that child bearing is worth and it and you soon forget all the bad parts of being pregnant or actually giving birth.  I always thought to myself that I probably wouldn't forget and if I sat down and thought about it, I guess I would've remembered most of it.  However, I have to say now that I agree.  You do forget and although you are not stunned, surprised or shocked by the aftermath this time, you do think 'Damn, I had forgotten about this.'

Without further ado, the list follows:

*Noone tells you the 'afterpains' are so much more intense the 2nd time around.  They literally brought tears to my eyes and some were worse than my contractions to actually get Ezra here.  Of course, after mentioning this to doctors and nurses, they say, with each child it gets worse....awesome!

*Although you don't completely forget what child birth does to your body, you'd like to and are still kinda grossed out afterwards.  I will say it was way better for me the 2nd time around, perhaps I was prepared or perhaps it had to do with pushing for 10 mins. as opposed to 2.5 hours!

*Lack of sleep, damn!  I mean, you know about this, people tell you about this and you've already done it, but I don't think you fully remember until it's here all over again.  Oh and nap when the baby naps!  ha....only the 1st time around, people.  No napping with a toddler!

*Breastfeeding- I would consider myself a pretty good breast feeder the 1st time around and even made it to a year, but you forget about the 1st couple of weeks and not only the pain/uncomfortableness?? but you forget you have to teach your baby how to do it, how to hold his hands and how not to miss and how to latch, etc.

*The laundry!  ha, I have recently been asking myself how 3 people can make so many clothes and dirty and why laundry is neverending.  Enter:  Ezra.  Are you kidding?  I wish I had taken a picture of our 1st night and the laundry he created.  I am not really sure why, the problems seems to have fixed itself, but every.single.time. the 1st night Ezra was in his bassinet when he peed, he peed through his clothes, swaddle and sheet.....once again, awesome! 

*The gear/diaperbag!- Our house looks like Graco blew up in it.  We already looked like we were buying stock in Fisher Price but had recently gotten Gage's toys under control and they didn't seem to take up the living room anymore.  Or maybe, we were just used to it.  But now, add pack n play, swing, car seat, bassinet, Boppy to the mix, and we can't even move in here!  And after about a year of not carrying a diaper bag and throwing little things/change of clothes in your purse, now when you go places, you have take a bag?!?  With diapers, and ointment and burpies and Nuk's and a change of clothes and a changing pad, etc, etc.  It's truly crazy that I forgot I ever had to lug all of that around.

*No one told me that when I got home from the hospital after spending 48 hours with a teensy tiny newborn baby that my 2.5 year old baby at home would seem HUGE.  His head, his hands, picking him up,etc.  It was literally crazy how it seemed he grew overnight.  I mean, Gage is a peanut and he all of a sudden looked SO BIG.

*Not many people will admit that no matter how old your oldest is, it is very difficult to give both children the time/attention they deserve and that at times you'll feel guilty about leaving your baby in a swing for a few minutes longer than you normally would or telling your toddler that you can't do something because you are feeding their baby brother.  It definitely takes some getting used to and every day won't be easy.  I'm sure we'll adjust soon.

These are just a few, I'm sure there are plenty of other things that could go on this list.  Do you have any others to add?  I'd love to hear them!


Jennifer said...

Even a one year old looks like freaking Godzilla next to a newborn. It is crazy!

Also, no one tells you that if you have stitches, not to look. Don't get a hand mirror and look, because you will be scarred for life. Scarred!

And I despise taking a diaper bag, instead I have a really big purse with a small clutch type bag inside of it with baby stuff like diapers, wipes, clothes. Diaper bags are too heavy, plus you have to juggle them with your purse, the carseat, and for me 2 other kids. Too much stuff to keep track of!

Heather said...

I need to flag this post to remember for later. I'd like to think that I remember a lot from Babygirl 3 years ago, but I know I don't. The pictures are absolutely precious, and I can't wait to see more. Congrats again. I wish we were closer. I would totally take Gage so you can get more sleep with Ezra.

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