Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gage's Big Boy Room/ Baby It's Nursery

This post has been in the works for quite a while....since June to be exact.  We started working on Gage's big boy room at the beginning of the summer.  We bought him a big boy bed and he decided on superheros as his theme. We knew it would take a while to evolve, but we didn't quite know how long.  It hasn't exactly been 3 months in the making, but blogging about it has taken that long.  Plus we did pieces of Gage's room at a time.  We found the furniture, then the bedding.  Then we found prints for his room and I worked on redoing his letters.  Then we finally found curtains that we liked and finally a border and we still are painting shelves, looking for a rug and Luke wants to get black fan blades to match everything yes, actually, maybe it is taking 3 months....but we are getting there, darn it!  Anyway, here is the 'big reveal' so to speak.  And it's not even done yet....but done enough we can show it off.

We found these on Etsy and we think they're pretty sweet, they set the colors for the rest of the room.

Yeah, the Hokie bird pillow is kinda out of place
Picked this up in Annapolis while on our Anniversary trip- Gage now LOVES money.

Had one of these as a kid and loved it, Gage had way too many stuffed animals laying around, so it works.  And maybe we can pretend it's a spider web??

We also have gotten most of the baby's room together, being that we have 6 days and all.  We chose the bedding long ago and really loved the dinosaurs.  Why I don't have a picture of the quilt right now I'm not sure, but there will be more to come.  As you can see the curtains and wall hangings are done, but my Mom has bought us other goodies to go in the room that won't be here 'til the baby comes.  Plus the wall letters revealing his name won't be around 'til next week either.  So for now, here's a sneak peek, I guess.


Heather said...

Looks great!!

Cole said...

They look great! Things move at a glacial pace around here, too. I really like the comic book lampshade!

Our Family of Four said...

Very cute! Nice job!

Kat said...


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