Monday, July 2, 2012

My non crafty self

Being that I'm the most non crafty person on Earth and don't pretend to be, when Gage was born and we knew we wanted letters for his room, I didn't even attempt to buy them at Michael's and paint them.  I know, painting isn't that hard, but I knew it would be for me, not to mention being a new mom.  I found some on Ebay that were painted to match his bedding so they worked perfectly.  I just realized I never posted a picture of them, that I can find anyway, but this is what they looked like. They hung from an oar (sailboat theme) over his crib for 2.5 years.

In any case, when we began to decide what Gage's big boy room would look like, I knew I still wanted to have his name on the wall.  It didn't take us long to figure out he wanted a superhero room, so the 1st thing I thought of was making his letters into comic books.  I knew I couldn't paint anything on them, but I was hoping that I could use comic books and modge podge to give the letters a new look.  I asked a couple of crafty friends and they were skeptical my simple idea would work, they figured it would smear, bleed, etc.  I did find comic letters on Etsy but was hoping not to have to pay $35 for the set and figured I would try on my own. The worse that could happen is they would have to be thrown away and I would be forced to buy new ones.  Then I found this tutorial online and it was all the confidence I needed to at least try it.  I mean it was exactly what I would've done, just wasn't sure enough it would work.  The one thing that this shows that wasn't a part of my original idea was cutting out the letters by hand.  My original thought was to put the comic book page down on top of the letters and Exacto knife around them, but b/c again, I am clueless, I decided to go w/ the expert instead.  And that part took the longest.  I remember thinking I was glad his name was only 4 letters.  Anyway, this is how they turned out and I'm pretty impressed.  Yes, if you look closely you can see flaws, but for only an hour's work, I am proud of the way they turned out and they will be a good and cheap edition to his room.  I know I know, not a big project, but for me, a good one, nonetheless!  And as the tutorial suggested, I also did his switch plates!

Once they're on the wall, I'll take a picture of the finished project.  Also got some really cool  superhero silk screens for his room.  Pictures to come.


Lee said...

Great job! Clever idea too! I would do the light switch plates too. Would add some contiunity to the room (OMG, I'm having a design flashback to doing yearbooks. Please shoot me now.) Lee

Heather said...

OMG! That is awesome! I love them!!! You did great!

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