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My 1st official book review: Love's Tangled Web

If any of you are olden readers, you would know that I attempted to review a book last summer (I won't speak the name, you have to look it up if you care that much).  But it was so horrible that I never ended up actually posting a review on my blog, but instead just submitted a review to the publisher as I had agreed.  I was too embarassed because I had NO idea what to write and it just wasn' for me at all.  The book was chosen for me....

So this time around, about 6 weeks ago, when the publisher contacted me again (I was positive I'd never hear back) I wasn't so sure, BUT it was one of my goals this summer to read a few books, since I rarely find the time during the year.  Also, this time I got to choose the books to review and after reading their summaries, I found two I thought would fit my style.  Nevertheless, here goes.....

BTW, I read this book in a little more than week, which if you know me, speaks volumes to the readability.  I am a very slow reader.

Love's Tangled Web, written by Keren Franklin, immediately caught my attention because it was written so simply and easy to read. Now don't get me wrong, I know some people like to read and think critically, but for me, I think reading should just be super easy and require little thought process.  It's what I like to do to relax.  In any case, the book was a little under 200 pages and in my opinion was the perfect size. 

This book follows the story of a 30 something cookie cutter all-American family super involved in their church and super involved in the perception everyone has of their family.  Bridgette, the main character, has a not-so-perfect sister who attempts to rock her world by sleeping with her husband.  Bridgette's husband complies, as he realizes his marriage is not as perfect as everyone thinks.  About 90% of the book follows this plotline and the drama that ensues afterwards.  It is then that the book takes a very God-centered standpoint and suddenly Bridgette has a conversation with a fellow parishoner that seems to change her life forever.  The ending is not the happiest you could come up with, but I definitely think, the most realistic.

As I said, I really enjoyed reading this book because it was easy to get through and not too 'preachy'.  I did find the ending of the book, while comforting and a true ephiphany, quite abrupt and a little too 'all-of-a-sudden'.  I feel that if that was the understanding the main character was going to come to it should've taken more than a few pages and should have been more gradual. While I understand that things like that happen, I think more often than not they would happen at a slower pace.

This book, as most things I read like this, do make me wish that at times I had greater faith and realize that people in such situations really can find forgiveness through God.  However, at the same time, it allows me to remember that some churches aren't as they seem and that the outward appearance is not always accurate.  I do commend Franklin, the author, for portraying this, as I think sometimes it's hard for people to see that just because you go to church doesn't mean you are a 'good Christian'.  You know, just because you stand in a garage, doesn't make you a car, kinda thing.

Although I don't really judge a book by it's cover....ha ha, the summary on the back was enticing enough that I chose the book to review.  It gives you enough information, but not too much to ruin the plot line.  I would be interested in reading more of Franklin's book to see what else she could write about.  They are easy readers and I think she has a promising future.  I would recommend this book to someone who is looking for a quick, light-hearted, but Christian read!

To purchase this book for as little as $12.50 ($9.99 for a Kindle/Nook version), you can visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Deep River Books.
ISBN-10: 1937756076

ISBN-13: 978-1937756079
Deep River Books (May 2012)

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