Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Outer Banks

There is no other place I'd rather be.  As I'm deciding what to blog about this week, many baby posts come into my brain:  the nursery, that is nowhere close to being done, the fact that I have but 10 weeks to go, the thought of holding a new teeny baby.  All of those things I'm sure I'll write about soon, but there are also tons of pictures I've been neglecting to post:  mainly ones of our last 2 trips to the Outer Banks.

When we go and do things with Gage these days, I sometimes struggle with taking pictures.  I want to live in the moment and play with him and not worry about snapping pictures at every turn.  Then again, of course I like having our family events caught on camera and would be sad if they were completely undocumented.  Therefore when we're at the beach, I usually take a couple days off as photographer just to play with him (unless we're doing something pretty special), then usually take a day or two to for sure to snap some new beach pictures.  I mean at this point, I probably have 100's from the Outer Banks since we frequent it so much.  And you can only have but so many sand/sea pictures.  In any case, the last 2 trips we have made to the OBX, one with friends and one with family, were ignored on this blog, visually at least.  They didn't consist of too much out of the ordinary, just so good ole beach time and fun with friends and family, so I'll just share some pictures of our weekend/week.
Gage's friend, Jake (May 2012)

Splashing in the water with Daddy

Mommy, Daddy and Gage, June 2012 (2.5 years)

I think the birds look cool in this shot.

Smiling at Nana

How do you get this thing off?

1st swim in the ocean with Daddy

Looking for seashells with Nana

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Heather said...

All of those pictures are great, but I absolutely adore the "smiling at Nana" one!!!

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