Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Funnies

I think I was going to start this months and months ago and probably got through one episode, but Gage is constantly cracking us up now.  He says some funny stuff and I really gotta start writing all of it down.  However, having pregnancy brain doesn't help.  He'll say something in the car that cracks me up and by the time I get home, I forget to write it down.  The other night we had this conversation.

Me (to Luke):  I don't know why, but my belly has hurt all day.
Gage:  It's because there's a  baby in your belly.
Me:  Yes, you're right. Thanks Dr. Gage.
Gage:  Nope, not Dr. Gage, just Gage.

As if I needed a doctor to tell me there was a baby in my belly!

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