Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Potty Training Update

Just to keep you all informed, because I'm sure most of you were on the edge of your seat regarding Gage's potty training (ha), it is going way better than I could've imagined a few weeks back.  Gage is no longer afraid of public potties, in fact, last week he announced he had to go potty when we were in the car.  I asked if he could wait 'til he got home and he said, 'no, Mommy, I go in McDonalds'.  We promptly pulled over, he went potty and we haven't had an issue since.  Gage has been in underwear all day execpt for naps and bedtime and has had one accident since the 1st 2 at daycare.  He isn't pooping in the potty, but is pooping just about every day during naptime.  Yes, I know that right now it's intentional and he's waiting until he lays down for nap so he doesn't have to do it in the potty, but we will take it for now.  Because he is going in public and at least he is pooping.  Overall, I can't complain.  I'll wait out the pooing another few weeks before deciding where I want to go from there. 

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