Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Update: 37 weeks

I seriously cannot believe I have only 2.5 weeks left of this pregnancy and 8 more days of work!  I have a feeling it's going to go by super fast.  Kind of not upset not to go back to work 'til after Thanksgiving;).

How far along: 37 weeks 4 days

Total weight gain: 34 lbs.

Stretch marks: Just a few:(

Sleep: Yes, please- I have been exhausted since I started back to work last week.....hmmm, pretty sure that won't change for the next 6 months

Cravings: soda and cookies and like last time, Subway sandwiches

Best moment this week: finally feeling like we're ready, by getting last min. stuff done, pack n plays up, car seat in, etc.
Gender: BOY!

Name progress: Definitely have a 1st name. I cannot commit to a middle name and I have no idea why!  I think it'll be a game time decision.

Labor signs: Not yet, dr. says my body is doing what it's supposed to do.....

Bellybutton in or out: OMG, out! I don't think my belly button was ever out w/ Gage!

What I miss: sleep and being pain free

What I am looking forward to:  Meeting my baby!
Milestones:  Less than 20 days!  I am so bad at milestones, geez....

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's just about go time.  I have 8 more days of work and then the waiting game begins. I'd love to have him about a week early so I don't waste my sick leave, but just like Gage I know he'll come when he is ready and I will be as patitent as I can.  17 days is just crazy though! 

Here are my sad attempts at iPhone photos, I swear I will never understand why people think it takes such great pictures.  Everyone else seems to be able to pull it off, but not this girl.

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Heather said...

LOVE that dress!!! (And I bet it's not so bad at the beginning of the school year when you know you get time off a few weeks later!)

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