Monday, September 17, 2012

Update: 39 weeks

And the time is now....only 4 days away from my due date.  Not sure how I was feeling at this time last time around, but probably not quite as anxious as I am today.  Gage came exactly on his due date and I'm feeling this little guy  might do the same, although the whole time I expected him early.  What are the odds though if I actually have 2 babies on their due date, should I play the lottery or something?? 

How far along: 39 weeks 3 days

Total weight gain: down a lb. this week (I lost 2 the week I had Gage)  That makes the grand total 33lbs.

Stretch marks: Just a few:(, lame!

Sleep: Eh, my hips are killing me again.  At least I don't have to work every day and can take naps if need be.

Cravings:  Don't ask me why, but Olive Garden soup and salad and I'm going Thurs. night if I'm still pregnant!

Best moment this week: last day of work for 2 months? the weather?  can't decide.

Gender: BOY!

Name progress: Definitely have a 1st name. Pretty sure we have a middle name....yes, I think so....

Labor signs: Not yet....doc says I'm 1cm, 80% effaced, blah blah, same exact thing with Gage at this time.  Maybe a few BH on Saturday, but obviously nothing to write home about.

Bellybutton in or out: OMG, out! I don't think my belly button was ever out w/ Gage!

What I miss: Finally over the whole maternity clothes thing, I want to buy some new cute clothes!

What I am looking forward to: Having this darn baby!

Milestones:  Not a clue, I'm telling you, what goes here??  Next week if I haven't had him then I'll be more pregnant than I ever have there, that's a milestone.

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