Thursday, November 22, 2012

2 months with Ezra

Dear Ezzy

Has it been two months already? Sometimes it seems just like yesterday and other times it feels like we never existed without you. All I know is that I'm 3 days late with this letter and I have to go back to work on Monday. My, how it pains me to leave you. The only bright side is that you get to stay home with your Daddy for another 5 weeks. I think I'll really be sad when I have to take you to daycare. However, we are lucky enough to have found a day care we love and trust, and we better, since it cost so much!

So in the last month you took your 1st trip to the Outer Banks, attended your big brother’s 3rd birthday party and celebrated your 1st Halloween. Today we are celebrating your 1st Thanksgiving, just the four of us, our little family. Lately you have been going almost 6 hours at night after your last feeding, this will be welcomed if you can do the same when I go back to work. You still don’t love going to bed too early and often have us up ‘til midnight- much like your brother did. On Monday you have to start having bottles for almost half of your feedings a day and your Daddy thinks you’re going to starve to death since you don’t really like taking bottles from him- but you’ll learn, you’ll have to.

The last month has been one of challenges and successes. You are getting somewhat easier to soothe when you’re upset, but man, you still LOVE and NEED to be held. You would sleep if we let you lay on us- must be nice to have a warm pillow and while I am thankful that you go right back to sleep at night after eating and rarely wake up to fuss, you are pretty fussy during the day. It makes it near impossible sometimes to get anything done. In saying this, I wouldn’t trade you for the world. You are so special to us and have started to grace us with big huge smiles in the mornings and your coos are ever so cute. You coo much more than I remember Gage doing and OMG, you crack up in your sleep! I can’t wait to hear your laughs directed at us or your brother in the near future. Currently you LOVE your car seat and are comforted the most there, we even put you in there sometimes when we’re eating or cooking. You like your bouncer pretty well too. Unfortunately, you have started to dislike your swing because the mobile on top broke and you just sit and scream at the fishies. And Ezra, I have to admit something- your baby book? Is almost nonexistent. I wanted the same one that I had with Gage, I loved it but I couldn’t find it and yours, just isn’t the same. Instead you might have to rely on these letters that at least start right away to get the same info. I will try to write the same kind of things I wrote in Gage’s book in these letters for you.

At 2 months: You are 12lbs, 11oz and 22.5 inches. This is 75%ile, but don’t worry, it probably won’t last long. I think you’ll be a peanut, just like Gage. Again, you’re sleeping better, you’re still beside our bed at night and now you enjoy being swaddled. Although, I’m not sure how much longer it will last since you have attempted to bust out recently. You still love to eat but are much more efficient now and don’t eat quite as often. You like tummy time a bit more, you enjoy your play mat for a few minutes, but your favorite position is sitting on Mommy and Daddy’s knees looking at us and cooing. Ezra, you are an awesome little blessing and Gage likes you more day by day. I can’t wait to see you grow more and am excited about your time with Daddy in the next month. I’m excited to take you to meet Santa for the 1st time and to go Christmas shopping for not my one, but my two precious gifts. Happy Thanksgiving my little munchkin! Too bad you can’t enjoy turkey this year! We love you and are so lucky to have you in our lives.

Love, Mommy


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