Monday, November 19, 2012

Well Checks

Friday I took both boys to the doctor for their well checks.  Most people laughed at me when I said I was taking both of them, but it actually was not as bad as it could've been.  Don't get me wrong, I was apprehensive too and really if you think about it, this'll be the last time I will take both, because it just so happened that Ezra was 8 weeks old on Gage's 3rd birthday.  The appointment schedule won't line up after that.  We were there forever, however and I'm very proud of my big bad 3 year old for hanging in there through both appointments and Ezra's shots. 

Ezra at 2 months seems exactly like Gage, as far as size.  Everyone has been telling me he's such a big boy but he actually weighs almost exactly what Gage did, 12lbs. 11oz- this puts him in the 75 percentile.  See where that got us with Gage, ha.  Ezra is actually much shorter than Gage, measuring 22.5 inches.  Gage was 24ins.  Although all of us Moms know that measuring length is almost a big  fat joke when you watch them do it.  The nurse even made the comment- he's so wiggly, I'm not sure this is right.  In any case, Ezra checked out good.  We talked a little about his sleeping habits, his lack of routine, she cheked his hydrocell and his head.  We got a referral for an ENT that speaking of, I really need to call and she checked his tracking, head control, etc.  All in all, a pretty standard appointment being that Ezra has already decided he's our high maintenance baby.  Ezra did get 3 shots, plus an oral vaccine and did pretty well.  Of course he screamed but settled down way quicker than I remember Gage doing so.

Gage at 3 years is of course still the smallest kid around.  He weighed more than we thought however, weighing in at 26lbs!  ha...notice how this is only sightly more than twice his 2 month old brothers weight.  That's right, he has only doubled his weight since he was 2 months old.  That sounds crazy!  He isn't even quite 3 feet yet so as you know, we will have a permanent peanut it seems at this age.  Luke still wants to pretend he's going to be taller than him, but you never know.  We talked about potty training with Gage, which is mastered!  woohoo!  We talked a little about discipline and how he doesn't love his little brother.  We talked a little about sleep but Gage seems to get enough.  I really didn't have too many concerns with him since he's in general become a better eater in the last six months and seems to be great developmentally.  I have a feeling that something will pop up in the next year I'll want to call her about, but at this point, I'll take a healthy, although skinny, little boy.

After the hour plus long appointment we even went out to lunch and Gage was on his best behavior.  He is becoming such a little man it shocks me sometimes!

Today I am thankful for 2 healthy little men and although it's sometimes crazy in this house, I know it's all worth it and I can't wait to continue to watch them grow.

Yesterday I was thankful for all the people (30+) that came out to celebrate our little boy's birthday yesterday at the bounce house.  It was definitely a hit and complete chaos but everyone seemed to have fun.  Gage got far too many presents that we don't have room for, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

Day 17:  Although I love spending time with my children each and every day, I am also thankful for the wonderful (yet expensive) daycare that we've found for them.  It makes days like these (when Gage pitches fits ALL day and is super naughty) a little easier.  Plus because he is such a sponge, he learns SO much on a daily basis that I couldn't possibly teach him from home.  He loves his school and we hope Ezra feels the same in a few months.

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