Tuesday, November 20, 2012

To Gage: 3 year edition

Dearest Gage,

Geez, I don’t even know where to begin. I do know that I should be writing these letters to you every 6 months instead of a year since there is just SO much I want to write. I can’t imagine this won’t take me days. In fact, I just read your 2 year letter and said I’d write you another in six months. I have no excuse, in fact, I even thought about it, but I guess time got away from me. Such is life. I do have to tell you, though, just how proud we are of the little preschooler you have become. You are SO smart, Gage, and I know how all Mommys say that, but I really believe you’re ahead ‘academically’ of most kids your age. I’m a teacher, I know a smart kid when I see one.:) I’ll be the first to admit you’re probably not as ‘mature’ or independent as others, but you definitely have the brains, so we’ll work on the rest.

You are such a little peanut, Gage, you only weigh 26lbs and are not quite 3 feet tall yet. You have become a better eater though in the last 6 months or so and the doctor’s not worried, so I guess you are just born to be little. It is so darn hard to find you pants though and we can only buy you the kind with an adjustable waist- you still wear nothing bigger than 2T top or bottom.

You are officially a preschooler now and started yesterday. Hopefully it won’t be a difficult transition this time since you know over half the class, plus the teacher. I just can’t believe you are this old….and this smart. You know all your letters and their sounds, I think you’ll be reading by 4, for sure. You are still so interested in books and you understand the meaning of the written word. You ask me to read signs to you when we’re in restaurants and labels on food. You still need to work on counting to 20, you still leave out a few numbers. I just don’t think we work on it enough with you, since last year this time, I claimed to be working on it, too. You don’t forget a SINGLE thing and when we try to talk around subjects, you are too smart for us and know exactly what we’re talking about.

In the last year Gage you have grown and developed so much. Looking back it’s just amazing that you’re my little man now. You are struggling for some independence but at the same time, you are happy to snuggle with your Momma anytime. You tell me you love me and Daddy ALL the time and that we’re your best friends. You won’t always feel this way I’m sure, but right now it’s music to our ears! Your fit pitching is minimal but when you are naughty, boy are you naughty, and you can’t seem to shake it for a few hours…you just have some bad days. Of course, they are better or worse depending on whether or not you nap. You still get around 10 hours of sleep a night and nap about 5 days a week. At home you take pretty awesome long naps that we have to wake you from, but at school, you don’t nap as long….but who can nap with 20 of their friends in the room, right?

The biggest change in the last year for you by far was welcoming your new baby brother into your house. You ‘did not like him’ at first but you slowly warmed up after about a month. You still don’t see much use for him (who can blame you?) but you do love talking to him and before long you will LOVE it when he thinks you are hilarious. Speaking of, you say some darn funny stuff, Gage. You have Daddy and I cracking up on a daily basis. It’s too bad my brain is so sleep deprived right now that I can’t remember half of the funny stuff you say- I’ll have to start writing it down. You did tell me the other day when you were mad at me for something or pitching a fit that you were ‘gonna eat all that candy [Halloween] until you choked!’ You said it like you were sticking it to me and I just laughed at you.

Just this past Sunday we had your birthday party and you LOVED it. You LOVE singing Happy Birthday to people, including yourself, and you had a blast at the bounce house! You also can.not.wait for Christmas, you have been talking about it since September and it’s now finally right around the corner. You love to see people’s ‘decorations’, whether it is Halloween or Christmas. Speaking of- you had the best time trick or treating this year and soaked up every minute of it.

Some of your absolute favorite things right now are superheroes of course! You have a whole wall of them and can name each and every one. You got a Spiderman house for your bday and you LOVE it. You also love cars (Hot Wheels/Matchbox) and any and all musical instruments. Like I said, you still love to read and could spend hours in the bookstore. Your favorite right now is your High Five magazine though that you get every month in the mail and look forward to so much. You love the hidden pictures section. Your favorite TV shows are Tickety Tock, Yo Gabba Gabba (still), Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Diego. Your favorite movie is probably Nemo. Some of your favorite places to go are the park, Nana’s beachhouse, the book and toy store and the mall to look at clocks. (Thank God this obsession has become a little less severe lately.)

You are completely potty trained!! Yay! You did this yourself about 6 months ago, but it took this last 6 to really solidify it and to poop on the potty regularly, but we are soo proud of you and thankful it really wasn’t much of a struggle. Your favorite restaurants to eat at are Panera (mac and cheese/broccoli and cheese soup), Cracker Barrel (grilled cheese/bacon and chocolate milk) and you have recently started to like Chik-Fil-A (praise Jesus). You still won’t touch a vegetable and ate your very first piece of pizza at your birthday party just 2 nights ago. Your favorite foods are strawberries, turkey and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, oranges and fish sticks and you LOVE treats (what kid doesn’t?). You do get them quite often now though since you eat most of your dinner most nights. Some of your best friends are Logan M., Sawyer P., the girls next door (Alyssa and Jessica), Xander and Adam B. You also love your AJ and Nana and Grandiddy and Ms. Sarah (Sawyer’s mom).

Wow, Gage, I cannot believe my baby is three. And you are so so special to your Daddy and me. You are a bit of a Momma’s boy right now, although I think the older you get and the more ‘bonding’ you do with Daddy, that will change. Part of me was a little sad when Ezra came into our lives, because I thought that the special bond that you and I share would never be the same. However, I’m certain at this point, little can come in between you and I. You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It is so amazing to watch you grow each and every day and I have said to you more than once in the last month ‘how did you know that?’ or ‘OMG, what a big boy’, when you’ve done things that are just so grown up. We love you more and more each and every day and are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what the next year brings. I’m excited to see you learn and grow more in every way. Hopefully I’ll write you another letter in May, instead of waiting this long again. We love you so much, big boy!

Love Mommy

So happy to be sitting in the birthday chair

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