Sunday, October 14, 2012


As new moms we've probably all heard that if your newborn has a fever greater than this it's an emergency. I've read it 100 times and was reminded at Ezra's 2 week checkup and I even said to Luke, how would I know?? I mean I'm not going to check his temp all the time.

Since we've brought Ezra home though I would describe him as a hot baby. One that sweats and turns red, etc. However, today I said to Luke again, damn he feels hot. I can't believe how hot babies are. That led us to take his temp for no reason other than that. Then the dreaded happened. 100.9. We took it again b/c clearly it was wrong and we weren't going to take our kid to the hospital, 100.2 this time. Still too high for my liking:(. 3rd time: 100.7. Off we went, clearly expecting to be home for dinner, especially since it was Gage's nap time and all hell would break loose if we weren't home in an hr or 2. But here, at a quarter to 10, I lay in a hospital bed next to my sweet baby, who has been admitted due to an unknown fever. I'll post more about the whole day later, but for now, keep us in your thoughts and hope that Ezra has nothing serious. Today we underwent a spinal tap, blood culture, saline lock, and a UA and we're tired folk. Thank God for good family and friends to look after Gage while we hang with our little one at the hospital.

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Kerri said...

Oh no! Thinking of you and please update as soon as you can!!

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