Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Jacob!

Today I want to wish a very Happy  Birthday to Jacob over at the Kubeczka Family.  Jacob is turning 4 today and I'm sure he is having the best party a 4 year old can have.  His Mom is quite crafty and the kids' birthday parties are always planned and decorated to a tee.  She is also a great photographer so she captures every moment of their parties and their lives in general.  And I'm always jealous of her perfectly manicured nails.  Jacob and his sister Katelyn are also about to be a big brother and big sister so head on over to offer your congratulations, as well.

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Our Family of Four said...

Thank You so much!! He had a great birthday and tonight we will be celebrating as a family. You are always so sweet in thinking of my family.. truly thank you!

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