Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hospital Follow Up and Halloween Preview

I won't actually show you Gage and Ezra's costumes yet, but here is a hint.

Yesterday we went back to the pediatrician to follow up on Ezra's hospital stay.  They didn't report much more than we already knew, told us not to be overly cautious with where we would take him/what we would do with him.  We talked a little about his not sleeping very much and the doctor basically said there was nothing wrong other than he was a pain in the butt baby.  ha...basically if he'll sleep when we hold him or can be consoled when we hold him, there's nothing wrong- he's just high maintenance.  So I suppose all is well and I will keep my fingers crossed we can be fever free for another month!  Ezra and Gage both have appointments on the 17th of November, should be extra fun for me!


Kerri said...

Glad all is well with the little guy!!

Jennifer said...

Happy to here that he's doing good!

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