Thursday, October 4, 2012

2 Week Well Check

Today was Ezra's 2 week well check.  Things went as good as to be expected, he just seems already to be our high maitenance kid.  I'm pretty sure there was nothing to report at Gage's 2 week check up.  I know he had gained 1lb. and 9 oz. at 2 weeks and 3 days.  Ezra now weighs in at 8lbs. 8oz., a 1lb. 2 oz gain in 2 weeks.  Seems to be pretty consistent.  Both of my kids like(d) to eat and both of them were well fed at this point.  In fact, if you remember, I was feeding Gage too much, because I was an overproducer and today the Dr. told me I was feeding Ezra too often and to give him a Nuk instead.  She said we had to find some way of holding him off between feedings.  I do think he was in the middle of a growth spurt these last few days so I was pretty easy on him....but maybe introducing him to Mr. Nuk will change things.  I  like how almost 3 years later, Gage still has one....grrrr..

Anyway, even though Ezra is perfectly healthy, there are a few things that need to be followed up on in the next year or so, so I thought I'd write them down as not to forget to ask at the next appt.  By the way, they did no length measurement or head circumference, so I'm a little disappointed in not knowing all his stats.  Anyway, Ezra was born with a skin tag on his ear (sometimes indicative of a hearing and/or kidney problem). At this point, we think both are working fine, but we do have to follow up with a renal ultrasound in a few months and a hearing test between 6-12 months.  We also have to follow up with a pediatric ENT in a few months to see if they'll want to remove the skin tag or let it be.  We already know we won't get it removed if he has to be under general anesthesia; however, if they can do it locally, we might consider it.  Apparently, there is some magic window we have to get it done in before they will consider doing it w/o general.  Also, Ezra has already decided he has a favorite side to sleep on and constantly rolls to his right side when we put him down.  We have to be careful and make sure to switch him over to his left side every other time we put him down so he won't acquire torticollis or get a misshapen head!

Lastly, Ezra has some kind of fluid filled sac down south we have to keep an eye on to make sure it doesn't turn into a hernia.  Again, the doctor said not to worry about it and they'll check it again at 2 months.  Unfortunately it doesn't seem like they can do much for Ezra since he's so uncomfortable after feedings.  Gage had the same problem and we ended up with reflux medicine but they don't think E has the same thing.  Maybe because he's not actually spitting up (by the way guys, if I can have a baby that doesn't spit up EVERY feeding, I don't know what I'll do) or because they have changed the way they diagnose it, but they don't feel he has reflux and instead they think it's just gas and will go away in a couple of months.  That's all fine and good, but I HATE to see him in pain after eating.  As I said before, we are going to introduce the Nuk and I'm going to start pumping to build my freezer supply and because it's such awesome weather, I plan on taking Ezra for a walk tomorrow and yay!  I'm free to drive! This time, cabin fever has been killing me!  I think that's it for now. 

When I take him back for his 2 month appt, Gage will be going to his 3 year appt....should be fun times for all.  Part of me wanted to take them in seperately because it would be easier, but really, why should I drive to the dr's twice in one week if I don't have to?  Plus, I'm now the mama of 2, so I better get used to having both of them in tow!  AND Gage doesn't have to get any shots (he just had his flu shot last week) so we should be good to go.

Here is my sweet boy at 2 weeks, can you tell he's plumped up some?

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