Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Pickin' and What Else We've Been Up To

Last Friday we took Gage out of school to visit one of our favorite places, Ticonderoga Farms. We discovered Ticonderoga one Easter when they had a Spring festival and then visited this year for their Fall Festival. There is so much to do aside from pumpkin pickin'- slides down hills, playground equipment, a hayride, a bounce pillow, etc. We thought Friday would be a nice day to go and not have to worry about excessive crowds with Ezra. There was hardly anyone there so Gage got to play as he pleased, I found somewhere quiet to feed Ezra and we got to pretty much have the place to ourselves. We didn't get too many pictures this time around, but did take a few of the boys in their Halloween garb, since Gage would finally sit with Ezra (yay!).

Kind of a bad  picture of E, but at least his outfit is cute!

1st time Gage was really interested

Love this one.

Birth announcement worthy? 

Me and my boys

Not bad for a self portrait

ha...I LOVE this one

Gage's favorite slide

Apparently Mommy going down the slide is the funny thing in the world to Gage.  You gotta click on this one to see his face!

Daddy didn't tell me that Ezra was barely in the picture.

My sweet pumpkin

Saturday morning we skipped soccer to go to one of Gage's classmates' bounce house birthday party.  It definitely was a hit and a valid replacement, being that Gage could really care less about soccer anyway.  I went with Gage to bounce while Luke stayed home with Ezra.  Whew....2 and 3 year olds wear me out!  I didn't really get any pictures since I was bouncing with Gage the whole time.  I was tired, I can't imagine how tired the kids were, but we definitely had a great time.....which is why Gage will have a bounce house birthday as well in just a few weeks.

I also got to have lunch with a good friend  who was in town this week and kept Gage home yet again yesterday so we could play with her boys.  (Sorry, no pictures)  It's a shame to pay so much for daycare and to have to pay even if he's not there, but every once in a while, we have to do something special, right? Good to see you, Bonnie!


WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Oh my gosh, SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!

I love love love the picture of Gage laughing at you on the slide. It totally makes me laugh too!

The family photos are great and teh photos of them together are so cute!

Mason had those same pumpkin pants. Few things are cuter than pumpkin butt!

Heather said...

Great pictures!!! I can see Gage is warming up to Ezra. They are going to be great buddies in the future!

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