Friday, October 5, 2012

Let's Go O's!

It's what the DC area has been waiting on for quite some time.  Well the old DCers that is, that were O's fans before the Nats came around.  In any case, the Os have been SO bad for SO long and this was their year and their chance.  I'm not a big fan of this 1 game wild card playoff.  I mean I guess it was inevitable anyway because their records are tied, but it should be at least a 3 game series.  I mean, any team can win ONE game.  And now here we are, in Texas, against a team that we've lost 3 out of 4 to this year, with a shitty pitcher that is 0-6 in Arlington.  And it all comes  I should be sleeping  so I can care for my little insomniac later, but I have to watch.  No matter how bad it gets, I've got to see it out.  It's been SOOO long and I've wanted the Os to be good for many years.  True Os fans have seen them through the last 15 years of suckiness, so we're due one.  For the love of God, O's get it done!  OMG!  Reynolds is out, this is it....I'm writing this as I'm watching and now it's a bad bad situation.  Oh wait, Marky Reynolds is a beast and is still playing...there is hope.  To be let's play it and win it for Reynolds.  God know he's done his job this summer.

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Kerri said...

Wooohoo!!!! Excited for Sunday!

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