Thursday, October 11, 2012


I feel like I have been so busy, yet not busy at all.  Like my days go in slow motion sometimes, yet I turn around and it's 3pm and time to pick Gage up from school.  I definitely had forgotten what it was like to be sleep deprived.  This time it's different though- when you have your 1st kid you can just sit around all day and not shower and cuddle your new little baby.  However, when you have your 2nd, 3rd, etc., there's always things to be done for the other kids, errands to be run and there's taking your other one to and fro that you have to factor into the equation.  I mean cuddling and sitting on the couch watching soap operas doesn't take alot of energy but doing all those other things require some amount of sleep.  Now I always thought I did pretty well on very little sleep, maybe I'm just getting old, or something, but it's driving me crazy now.  I HAVE to get 6 hours of sleep before I can even function and that's just not happening these days. 

I wake up in a fog to take Gage to school and Ezra and I come home and take naps until close to noon.  It's pretty crazy that I haven't taken a shower before noon yet this week.  Oh well, these days will pass I know and we'll get into a's just been a while and it's kind of a shock to my system.  And damn, I forgot how heavy that carseat is to lug around and my kids only 3 weeks old!  hah...I feel like a rookie again!

Other than that we've just been watching the Os play, and not very well, at that and hoping they can somehow win tonight to stay alive in the post season.  I just ordered my postseason O's shirt yesterday!  I mean, can they at least play one game when I get to wear it??

We have also been building towers like crazy these days.  Gage is a champion tower builder and stacks the most narrow towers I have ever seen and tall, too!  I snapped some shots the other day of the castles he made for his superheroes.

Gage is very proud of his superhero tower.

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