Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 2/Homecoming

*This first part was obviously written on Sunday, but instead of writing it as it happened in the past, I'm saving it like it was when I was writing it right then.  I do wish I had something better than my iPhone to blog on.  Sometimes you gotta blog from somewhere other than your house and I'd like it to be as authentic as possible.

Day 2 wasn't too bad in the hospital, except for the fact that we never wanted to be here in the 1st place. Ezra didnt get anymore sleep than usual but did seem to sleep a little better last night. The grunting/whining that he was doing at home seems to have subsided some. He's still getting proactive antibiotics every 6 hrs and they are treating his thrush and diaper rash. His vital signs are taken 6x a day and luckily he's had no fever since yesterday at 4-5pm. Other than being bored and tired there's not much going on around here. There are some super nice nurses and the ped ward only has one other patient so were getting alot of attention. I went home this morning to get Gage from his friends house to take him home to play w/ Nana and Grandiddy who just got here today. Luke went home too but unfortunately gage was napping. Geez, that kid has been through alot lately and had a lot of adjusting to do. He's done fairly well. I also met Gage and my parents for dinner so I could spend a few extra mins with him today before heading back to the hospital. Yesterday we had a special Mommy/son morning when I took him to soccer instead of Daddy and then took him to the library. We didn't even get to read the books we got because we had to go straight to the hospital when we got home. Good thing he and Nana got to read all of them today. If all is well, we'll get to go home tomorrow at 5pm after all the cultures are tested for 48 hrs. I am so ready to get this kid back home and to sleep in my bed. This room is teeny and Luke and I have been sharing a hospital bed! You do what you gotta do. Also today, Ezra had his renal US since we were already at the hospital. Everything looked normal there so we are thankful for that as well- it appears the skin tag is just superficial. Stay tuned...

Finally on Monday all involved were optimistic that we'd get to come home that evening.  The ped stopped in and said he looked good, all the tests were negative and just to contiue the antifungals for his yeast infection once we got home.  He said to follow up with our ped later this week, but he didn't see any reason we couldn't go home. Thank God.  We spent the whole day anticipating going home and milking the free food at the hospital.  Luke came home and got some things done around the house and Gage was having a blast with my parents.  He probably didn't even care Ezra was in the hospital!  Ezra's IV did malfunction and they were going to have to put it in again for his last dose of antibiotics, but thank God since he had been doing so well, the doctor cleared him and he didn't have to have it reinserted.  Let me tell you, they probably stuck my poor child 10's or 20's of times to get that 1st one in.  Have you ever seen them try to find a vein on a 3 week old?  You don't want to.  At 5pm, we were given the go ahead that the 48 hour cultures were back negative and we were free to leave!  Wahoo!  I will tell you that I have a whole new appreciation for parents of children in the NICU or just in the hospital in general.  It's not that I thought it wasn't hard, but now seeing that just for 2 days going back and forth between kids and home/hospital and my child not being as ill as most in the hospital, it's rough times.  Again, thanks to friends and my parents, Luke was able to be there with me as much as possible and we were able to see both of our boys in the 48 hours Ezra had to be there. We are thanking our lucky stars it wasn't any worse and that it was just a minor hiccup in life.  We will follow up later this week and my heart will probably skip a beat if my kid ever feels hot again.  Thankfully we're out of the danger zone in 4 more weeks.  Here are some sad pictures of our little man while hooked up to all his monitors.
I took this picture because it was sad to see how many different meds he was on and he wasn't even that ill.

IV's, a heart and breathing monitor- we couldn't even put clothes on him for the 1st 24.


yay!  Ready to go home.  Albeit in a newborn outfit we had forgotten about that had to be retired last night since we couldn't really get it buttoned!

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