Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2nd Dr's. Visit + Cowboy Outfit= Large Child

Ladies and Gentlemen- We have a fat kid! Gage went to the dr. today for the 2nd time. He was very uncomfortable after feedings and had recently begun to throw up and spit up more often. They thought he might have acid reflux and I didn't want to wait and see and risk something getting worse over the holiday. However, it turns out the problem is, Gage is eating too much and I am what is considered an 'over producer'. He is supposed to be getting about 3-4oz. per feeding, which is about 10 mins. per side. However, I am producing that in about 5 minutes and Gage is not regulating himself and doesn't know when his little belly is full. We are on a trial and error basis to find the right amt. of food for him to see if we can satisfy him, yet not over feed him. Of course, the whole reason they figured this might be the problem is because last week at the dr. he weighed in at 7lbs. 10oz., his orignal birth weight and today he was 8lbs. 9oz., a whole fricking lb. more than last week! In 7 days, he has gained 15oz! Crazy! So for now, we pump and we wait and we don't allow him to eat to his pleasure and we cross our fingers that we figure out something that works and satisfies all of us.

Since Gage is such a fatty and will be out of his newborn clothes soon, we have to in the next couple of days dress him in all of the clothes he has not worn that he will soon outgrow. Our friend Jessica bought him a cowboy outfit and it is quite amusing, although quite over the top as well. See what you think.

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