Saturday, November 21, 2009

What a week!

Well as you can tell, I was half right and half wrong, I suppose about my Friday the 13th prediction. I updated this blog one hour and ten minutes before my water broke ON Friday the 13th! Although we didn't make it to the hospital until midnight, November 14th, I was right that something would happen on Friday the 13th. Oh well, probably better he not be born on Friday the 13th anyway due to superstition.

So my labor wasn't as long as they had suggested and as most 1st labors are. I won't go into detail but really start to finish it was only about 8 hours and Saturday morning after 2 hours of pushing, I delivered the most beautiful perfect baby boy at 905am. He was 7lbs, 10oz, exactly as the nurse predicted. I guessed 7.14 and Luke 7.8. Anyway, Gage Paxton was perfect in every way and is truly a blessing to Luke and I. We left the hospital Monday and overall it was a good experience. Not the one that some had preached about Prince William, but definitely not bad.

Monday, Gage had his 1st visitors...Grandma and Granddiddy Satterfield came to visit. They helped out alot and brought us food and did a little cleaning. Wednesday, the 18th we went to GAge's 1st dr's appt. and he was already back up to his birth weight! Amazing, the dr. said sometimes it takes 2 weeks. However, Gage was eating like a champ so I'm sure that had something to do with it. Either way we got a good report and will go back to the dr. the beginning of December.

LIfe has been crazy, overwhelming, tiring and wonderful as we have taken residence up in the living room where we each sleep on either side of Gage and watch him sleep in his Pack n' Play. Last night was a little better but of course we have not acclimated to getting so few hours of sleep and every noise makes us jump up to make sure he is ok. Today he has slept for hours so I am sure we are in for a fun night! Although, he has slept alot today and has acted normally otherwise, he has decided in the last 2 days that he only wants to eat for about 10 mins. at a time. He is not eating anymore frequently, just for less. Not sure if he is satisfied but he is not crying excessively or seeming to want more, so I guess we'll just play it by ear to see how things go.

I have posted a few pictures but Facebook and Snapfish are the way to go if you want to see more. Grandma and Granddiddy come to visit again for Thanksgiving and Gage has a 1st turkey day outfit that I will post a picture of when he wears it.

Until next week...

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Sue said...

Ok, he is the 3rd cutest baby I've seen, (remember I have 2 grandchildren) sounds like everything is going the way it should. I said that he is in charge. My daughter and her husband slept next to Corinne way too long, they know now, it didn't happen the second time around. You'll all do just fine. What did Gage wear home?

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