Sunday, November 8, 2009

Only 2 more days to go...(or so they say)

I said my good byes on Friday in hopes that I wouldn't be back for my promised half day tomorrow. But since my sub doesn't start until Thursday and I haven't had this baby yet, I'm guessing I'll be there tomorrow for the 2nd half of the day. After that, I will be patiently, or anxiously, awaiting the arrival of my baby! Today we'll have lunch and watch football with Jamie, Brad and Jacob in my last hurrah before our lives change forever. We also managed to sneak in one last movie last night before we can't go to one of those for a while either. We saw Paranormal Activity but it wasn't scary enough to make me go into labor. I don't know why I keep thinking at any second I'm going to burst. I am still convinced I will have this baby on Friday the 13th, so I have another week of getting things together around here and maybe I'll even start the slew of Thank You notes I need to write.

We got a few more gifts Friday, which was nice. A few people from work gave me some things and Summer sent me the cutest homemade moccasins! We still have a few things to take back so I might get to Target this week....or I'm sure we'll eventually need to go on a diaper/wipe, etc. run, so either way they'll get taken care of.


bsatter said...

A Friday the 13th baby might be kind of cool. Perhaps he will possess extra powers of awesomeness....

Casey Jensen said...

Hey Amy! Congratulations! i didn't even know you were pregnant until I came across your blog. Waiting around is so nerve racking but so exciting when it finally happens. Good luck to you and Luke. I can't wait to see pictures of the baby.

Melissa Schmelzer said...

Everytime my phone rings...I go running to it and look for your name to pop up!(:Melissa

Anonymous said...

Amy and Luke,

Congratulations on your new son. You have so much to look forward to. Amy, I know your Mom and Dad are excited.

Good Luck.

Bennie and Kathy Lippard

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